FAUBAI 2021 Conference

FAUBAI 2021 Virtual Conference
“Expanding our Minds”

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The FAUBAI 2021 Virtual Conference aims to present an innovative, reflective look at two concepts associated with the internationalization of higher education: the Journey and the Belonging.

These two concepts try to capture some of the paradigm shifts resulting from the pandemic and the individual, institutional and international transformations which have and still are challenging us. New issues are arising related to the tension between local and global, between diversity and the universalization of cultures and communities, and between the self and the other.

The FAUBAI 2021 Virtual Conference aims to stimulate those involved in International Education through new ideas and viewpoints that expand their minds, discuss the role of the internationalization of higher education and allow them to (re)connect their HEIs with the world.

The reflections on the Journey will be approached from philosophical, poetic and artistic perspectives as well as from practical points of view on management practices of the internationalization of higher education. Journey means traveling in the world and internal experiences. Travel means exploring places, exploring oneself and rediscovering oneself. Journeys bring influences and result in transformations, at the same time that influence the places visited. Travel within and  without, geographical and temporal. Travel in the past and in the possibilities and dreams of the future. Journey means encountering many cultures, diversity, situations of peace and conflict. How do we prepare ourselves to act in these situations?

The concept of Belonging takes us to communities which are varied and shape and reflect the many faces and dimensions of our identities. Cultural, racial, religious, philosophical communities… Belonging to a community defines and empowers us but also differentiates and separates us. Building bridges, coming together, and weaving connections are vital for social life.

How do communities anchored in the realities of local life dialogue with global needs?
How do we include all communities, without excluding those which do not belong to a particular group,
without failing to recognize their identities?

The FAUBAI 2021 Virtual Conference will have the participation of artists, social activists, and specialists in International Education to help tackle these ideas. They will help us to think about the role of education, art, and social action in building of a fairer, less unequal, and more inclusive world.

Curatorial Team

nona foto2
Maria Leonor Alves Maia

Brazilian Association for
International Education –

renee foto 2
Renée Zicman

Executive Director
Brazilian Association for
International Education –

Equipe foto Nicolas redonda
Nicolas Bruno Maillard

Director of the Latin
American Institute of
Advanced Studies
Universidade Federal do
Rio Grande do Sul – UFRGS

Equipe Foto Celso redonda
José Celso Freire Júnior

Associate Provost for
International Affairs
Universidade Estadual
Paulista – UNESP