Matchmaking Sessions

The matchmaking sessions will be held through Marcom eSchedule PRO Bronze System. All participants attending the online Matchmaking Sessions will receive in advance instructions on how to login into the Matchmaking platform.

How can I have access to the matchmaking meetings?
Once you have confirmed your interest in the matchmaking session during your Registration to the FAUBAI Conference, you will receive an email prior to the conference with login access to the platform to start scheduling meetings with other attendees.
How can I request a matchmaking meeting?
You have to access the Matchmaking Platform by using the login access provided and sent to your email.
I am interested in the matchmaking meetings but I did not confirm my interest in the registration form for the conference. How can I proceed?
You can send an email to [email protected] and request access to the matchmaking meetings.
Can I access an Attendee List?
Yes, an Attendee List will be available to all registered participants on the event platform.
Can I connect with attendees?
Yes, matchmaking sessions will allow attendees to schedule meetings.
Is there a deadline for scheduling a matchmaking meeting?
The scheduling and rescheduling function will be available before and during the first and second days of the Conference.
How long will last the matchmaking meetings?
20 minutes each.
Do I need to download any program or software to participate in a matchmaking meeting?
Yes. The meetings will be held through the Zoom platform, which must be downloaded and installed prior to your matchmaking session.
I scheduled a matchmaking meeting but will no longer be available to attend it. How can I proceed to communicate with my partner?
You can try to reschedule the meeting through the platform.