Presenter Guidelines

1. Presentations

We encourage all presenters to use the FAUBAI 2019 slide template provided at the conference website.

Download – Template

Presenters are encouraged not to use a live internet connection. Internet access at the conference site might present difficulties.

All presentations will be available on FAUBAI 2019 Conference webpage, unless the presenter does not allow publication of his/her presentation. In that case, she/he must send an e-mail to the Conference Chair ([email protected]) requesting that the presentation is not published.


2. Technical Details

The conference session breakout rooms will be equipped with a computer with Microsoft PowerPoint. Your presentation must be compatible with this software. Alternatively, you can use in pdf format. The presentations may have embedded video and sound clips.

All presenters are required to use the provided computers for their presentation content. Presenters will not be allowed to use their own laptops or other presentation devices.

This year the Conference will have a Media Desk Room. Please handle your presentation to the technicians in this room at least 1 hour before your session begins. Use a USB drive or any other USB-compatible storage device. If you will present on Monday morning you can handle your presentation during the Monday morning coffee break. Alternatively, presentations may be sent by email to [email protected] until Friday, March 12th at 18:00, using as the file name, your initials, day of presentation and the room number. You will not be able to handle your presentation on the session breakout rooms.

Each session will have a moderator in each room. The moderator will be responsible for keeping the presentations in time and animating the mandatory Q&A period.
Some tips to help you with your presentation, collected from our sister organizations, NAFSA, and AIEA:

Build Content

  • Introduce an agenda, so participants know what to expect.
  • Provide information about the expected learning outcomes, objectives, or key takeaways.
  • Slides should not be text heavy.
  • A well-chosen chart or diagram can often convey much more to your audience than bulleted text.
  • Images keep participants’ interest and are useful in presentations. It may be best to use images from your institution whenever possible, as this contributes to marketing and branding for your university or organization, and it is often royalty free. For suggestions on finding images for your presentation, please see the list of sources below, paying particular attention to when a citation is necessary.
  • Keep your promise and deliver what is published in your title and abstract.
  • Build interest and curiosity. Think about including visuals, stories, and interesting facts or statistics.
  • Engage your audience – don’t just lecture on your topic.
  • Think about how people can use your information at their workplaces.



  • Greet the audience when they come in.
  • Project passion and excitement – emotions are contagious.
  • Speak clearly and loudly – speak into the mic.
  • Do not read from your slides. Eye contact is crucial for connecting with your audience.
  • Feel free to move around with the wireless mics – it shows energy. Lessen the physical distance between you and your audience.

Presentation format and length

The Monday morning conference sessions will be 120 minutes long. All others will be 90 minutes long. Most sessions will feature three presentations. Few will have four presentations. In 90 minutes sessions with four presentations each must last for 15 minutes at most. All other presentations must be 20 minutes long at most. All sessions will have 30 minutes for Q&A.

Video/ Audio/ Photos usage restrictions

Photos will be taken during the event and published on FAUBAI 2019 Conference webpage. Any participant with restrictions concerning the use of his/her image or slides must notify the conference chair [email protected]

Presenters should notify the session moderator if they have any restrictions on photography, audio or video recording of his/her presentation.

Free stock image resources

  • You can freely use any image from this website in digital and printed format, for personal and commercial use, and most images do not require attribution to the original author. Note: the sponsored images that appear at the top of searches may require a fee for use.
  • WikiMedia Commons is a large library of images, audio, and video files that can be freely used. Some images may have a creative commons license requiring attribution. Make sure you check the license information below each image.
  • Open clip art (vector images not photographs) – free use and images do not require attribution.
  • High resolution photographs searchable by category—free use and attribution not required.
  • Comprehensive database of free images; many do not require attribution.


We look forward to seeing you in Belém!