What is FAUBAI ?
FAUBAI, or the Brazilian Association for International Education, founded in 1988, brings together more than 180 managers and other responsible parties for international affairs and promotes the integration and training of area managers through seminars, workshops and regional and national meetings. In addition, FAUBAI also discloses the diversity and potential of Brazilian HEI´s together with funding agencies, diplomatic missions, and international programs and organizations.
FAUBAI aims to promote the improvement of exchange programs and international cooperation as a means to improve the teaching, research, extension and administration of affiliated institutions, seeking to stimulate the continuous improvement of the management of international exchange and cooperation.
  • Exchange of information and experiences
  • Promotion of congresses, conferences, seminars, courses and meetings
  • Advisory services to universities, public agencies and other entities
  • Active participation by public institutions and agencies in order to promote international cooperation
  • Exchanges with universities, organizations, agencies and other entities abroad
  • Management of databases on International Cooperation