FAUBAI 2024 will take place at the Rebouças Convention Center.
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The FAUBAI 2024 Conference will be held in the city of São Paulo, at the Rebouças Convention Center, which is served by an international airport:

  • Sao Paulo International Airport (IATA airport code: GRU)
  • GRU Airport Website here.
  • Address: Rodovia Hélio Smidt, Cumbica – Guarulhos, 07190-100, Brasil
  • Distance to downtown São Paulo: 25 km
  • Information telephone: +55 (11) 2445-2945 (24 hours a day)


It is possible to use the international airport of Campinas, which is a city near Sao Paulo:

  • Viracopos International Airport (IATA airport code: VCP)
  • VCP Website here.
  • Address: Rodovia Santos Dumont, Km 66 – Campinas –São Paulo
  • Distance to downtown São Paulo: 90 km
  • Telephone number: +55 (19) 3725-5000 (24 hours a day)

Sao Paulo also have a regional airport, receiving some international flights from Latin America:

  • Congonhas São Paulo Airport(IATA airport code: CGH)
  • CHG Website here.
  • Address: Avenida Washington Luiz, s/no – São Paulo
  • Distance to downtown São Paulo: 8 km
  • Telephone number: +55 (11) 5090-9000


Public transportation (airport bus service or train)

This is the cheapest and safest way of transportation. For more information, please, check for bus here or for train service here.


To go downtown, you may also consider taking a taxi. The official taxi company at the GRU Airport is “Guarucoop”. We recommend buying the ticket and paying in advance. Credit card payment options are available right outside the arrivals lobby of the international airport. Rates are standardized, and the taxi service offers bilingual drivers and receptionists.


You can connect to GRU Airport Wifi and call an Uber. All the terminals have an Uber meeting point: in terminal 1, it is located at the main exit and at terminals 2 and 3, they are on the boarding floor. Never accept offers from people saying they are Uber drivers (always see the app to check the driver’s information)!


The health authorities are carefully monitoring the situation, involving various sectors, including those responsible for epidemics. There are no guidelines for cancelling face-to-face events or limiting travel to Brazil.

According to official data, there has been an increase in Dengue cases compared to previous years, which has led some states and the Federal District to implement specific control, prevention and care actions. 

The vector of Dengue is the Aedes Aegypti mosquito and there is no direct transmission between humans.

The use of insect repellents is recommended as a preventative measure. 

More information about Dengue is available at