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FAUBAI 2017 Conference

A The Brazilian Association for International Education – FAUBAl – invites you to Porto Alegre to discuss the issues related to social engagement and innovation in the internationalization of Higher Education.
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ICEF Workshops

ICEF Workshops bring together international educators and carefully screened, quality student recruitment agents at networking events devoted to achieving results and growing international student enrolments.

Guide to Brazilian Higher Education Courses in English

The purpose of the British Council, in partnership with FAUBAI undertaking the survey, is to twofold: to act as a practical guide for UK students or universities who wish to study at or forge links with suitable institutions in Brazil; and to encourage further internationalisation of Brazil’s tertiary education sector.

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FAUBAI aims to promote the improvement of exchange programs and international cooperation as a means to improve the teaching, research, extension and administration of affiliated institutions, seeking to stimulate the continuous improvement of the management of international exchange and cooperation.

FAUBAI promotes the integration and training of area managers – by means of seminars, workshops , meetings and conferences.
Affiliated Teaching Institutions

With 250 partners, we promote the internationalization process of Brazilian HEIs, the propagation of diversity and potential of the Brazilian higher education system abroad and the training and education of its partners.